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What is a wood auction?

Wood auction is a modern method of wood sale by purchasers´ offer procedures. Individual wood owners gather valuable assortments on auction warehouse, where it can be overlooked by potential buyers piece by piece, and then they can enter their offer in writing.

Advantages of this wood sale method for the sellers are that they get a maximum price for their wood from the most renowned wood processors. Another advantage is that the seller receives payment for the goods before loading and dispatch to the customer.
On the other hand, buyers can choose pieces that suit to their own demands from a wide range and determine the maximum price they are willing to pay.

What kind of wood is suitable for auction?
For the wood auction are suitable strains of deciduous and coniferous trees.
Cuts of oak, cherry, ash and acacia can be offered to the auction at the lower grade in the form of auction piles, and cuts will be stored on the pile. But only under condition that each pile is 50 and m3, and the whole pile must be from one supplier.
You will find more information in the guide HERE.

The manual is viewable only for the registered.If you want to consult the suitability of wood in the auction, please send photos to foto@drazbydreva.sk and we will answer in a short time.


Where and when the auction will take place?

Nearest timber auction will take place on 28.02.2018 - 06.03.2018 in Pezinok campus BETA-CAR, Drevárska 23, 902 01 Pezinok, GPS 48o16´30.7571313“N,  17o15´55.4431915“E.

Schedule for spring auction 2018



Who can offer wood for the auction?

Natural person, legal person, or anyone who has concluded Contract of sale with Lesnícka informačná spoločnosť, a. s. can offer wood in wood auction. The Contract of sale fully resolves the legal relationships among the seller, the organizer and the final purchaser.
It is sufficient when you register (fill in registration form), then we will send you our complete and signed contract of sale. Then you just need to sign a contract and send it back to our address.

All sellers will be on the score sheet in an anonymous mode (under the number of contract), if you do not wish otherwise!


How to offer wood for the auction?

Wood can be offered for auction through Offer form, which you find HERE.

Or by phone: +421 917 449477, Jaroslav Kontriš.


How to transport wood to the auction?

Wood for the auction can be brought by each seller individually, or they may use the services of Lesnícka informačná spoločnosť, a. s.

Lesnícka informačná spoločnosť, a. s. provides unloading of wagons and trucks, there is no need to send trucks with crane.


Who and when to pay for the wood?
For wood delivered to the auction will pay Forest Information Society and on the basis of invoice issued according auction results usually within 14 days - as specified in the sale contract published on www.drazbydreva.sk.

Under the provisions of the contract of sale wood cannot leave auction stock in Pezinok until the payment is paid to the supplier!

This means that each supplier receives payment before the wood leaves the auction stock in Pezinok.

We also like to answer by telephone, e-mail or in person.


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